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Sailors encouraged to participate in 2018 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey
From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- More than 700,000 selected service members across the Department of Defense (DoD) have the opportunity to provide input about experiences of unwanted, gender-related behavior by taking the 2018 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Active-Duty Members.
Results from this Congressionally-mandated survey will be briefed to service leadership, DoD leadership, DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO), and Congress. The final report will be released as part of the 2018 SAPRO Annual Report in Spring 2019.
The selected active-duty service members have until Oct. 31, to take the online or paper survey, and its results will inform the DoD’s future prevention and response efforts.
This survey is available to a selected group of service members who were chosen as part of a scientifically-based sample.
The Office of People Analytics (OPA) is conducting the survey as part of a biennial cycle of health and resilience surveys outlined in Title 10 USC 481.
Active-duty members selected to participate have been sent the questionnaire to take via the web. Members who have not yet completed the survey will also be mailed a paper option, which is shorter than the web version.
Selected service members may take the survey here:
Members who are uncertain if they have been selected for the survey may also visit the same link and click on the “Am I in an OPA Survey Sample” tab in the center of the page.

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