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USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group

PHILIPPINE SEA (Sept. 17, 2018) The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) leads a formation of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 5 ships as U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress aircraft and U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornets pass overhead for a photo exercise during Valiant Shield 2018. The biennial, U.S. only, field-training exercise focuses on integration of joint training among the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. This is the seventh exercise in the Valiant Shield series that began in 2006. U.S. Navy photo by MC3 Erwin MicianoPHILIPPINE SEA The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) leads a formation of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 5 ships as U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress aircraft and U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornets pass overhead for a photo exercise during Valiant Shield 2018. The biennial, U.S. only, field-training exercise focuses on integration of joint training among the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. This is the seventh exercise in the Valiant Shield series that began in 2006. U.S. Navy photo by MC3 Erwin Miciano.

flagNavy Kicks Off SAAPM Month with a Call to Action – How You Can Help
flagAll Navy Commands to Conduct Climate Surveys – Here’s Why
flag'I feel like I’m with him': Gold Star mothers skydive in memory
of their sons
flagNavy officer under scrutiny for letter disparaging enlisted
sailors as ‘deviants’ and ‘perverts’
flagRewording of Navy Uniform Regs — Here's Why
flagRetired General Recalls Vietnam Deployment Was His First Trip
Out of U.S.
flagLeaders Testify About DOD Installation Resiliency Efforts
flagInternational Chiefs of Defense Condemn Use of Lethal Force
in Burma
flagCommemorating the Vietnam War
flagBiden Declares May 1 Deadline To Be Out of Afghanistan
'Hard to Meet'
flagCommission Begins 90-Day Look Into Sexual Assault in Military
flagAir Force eyes waivers for civilian-trained pilots, new ROTC
programs to fill shortage
flagHistory, hints of future in Navy's mothballed ships near Bremerton
flagDoctors found jet fuel in veteran’s lungs; he can’t get full benefits
flagCongressman calls for service members, veterans who stormed
the Capitol to be stripped of benefits
flagSEAC: DOD Will 'Move Fast' Against Extremism After Completion
of Stand Downs
flagGroup Arabian Sea Warfare Exercise 21 Underway in U.S. 5th Fleet
flagCNO, MCPON Answer COVID Vaccine Questions From the Fleet
flagNavy Shifts 2021 Fitness Cycle to July
flagArmy makes 'Harlem Hellfighters' nickname official after more
than a century
flagSoftware Modernization Means Moving Faster, Smarter
flagNaval Aviation Expands Readiness Cell to Include MH-60R/S
flagNew Defense Secretary Arrives at Pentagon,
Convenes COVID Meeting
flagDay One Message to the Force From Secretary of Defense
Lloyd J. Austin III
flagAustin discusses security threats with counterparts in Japan,
South Korea, soon after taking office
flagBiden ends Trump-ordered ban on transgender service members
flagU.S. Navy Conducts Interoperability With NATO in Black Sea
flagReport on Navy Laser, Railgun and Gun-Launched Guided Projectiles
flagFamily of still-missing WWII Medal of Honor recipient asks DOD to stop using his name
flagCourtney, Wittman Predict Biden Administration Will Stick With Current Navy Trajectory
flagDoD drops plan to give exchange shopping benefits to more than
a half million DoD civilians
flagMarines, Navy Moving Quickly on Light Amphib, Anti-Ship Missiles
to Create More Warfighting Options
flagCNO Gilday’s New Guidance Sets Clear Goals to Bring Lethality
to Surface Force
flagActing secretary of defense orders USS Nimitz to remain in the
Middle East following Iranian threats
flagDeath of Merrill’s Marauder veteran leaves only seven survivors
of the famed WWII unit
flagSteaming Into the New Year
flagNavy Modernizes Tuition Assistance Debt Payments
flagProgram Enables COVID-19 Patients to Safely Recover at Home
flagArmy K9 and handler honored for discovering IED cache in Syria
flagNavy challenges Vietnamese claims to seas around resort island
in South China Sea
flagEven with COVID-19 Challenges, Navy Hits FY-20 Retention
flagApp for Military Resources Available to Service Members, Families
flagMilitary Marks Women, Peace and Security Program
flagMedal of Honor Spotlight: Marine Lance Cpl. Jedh Barker
flagDOD Takes New Measures to Address the Digitalization of
Domestic Violence
flagTrump fires Esper just days after election is called in favor of Biden
flagAir Force pilot earns Distinguished Flying Cross after landing
A-10 with damaged gear, no canopy
flagU.S. Navy, Marine Corps Commanders Sign Integrated
Maritime Campaign Support Plan
flagMilley Dedicates Gold Star Families' Exhibit In Pentagon
flagTroops Tell Esper that DOD Should Not Lose Focus on
Diversity, Inclusion
flagDuring WWII, a soldier stole a painting from a France chateau.
74 years later, he returned it.
flagInterior Department grants lifetime free access to National Parks
for veterans, Gold Star families
flagMilitary to Play Logistics-Only Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Effort
flagDOD Posts Webpage to Aid in Reporting Civilian Casualties
flagSpace Force Leader Charts Service's Galactic Mission
flagDealing With Stressors in Relationships
flagSecDef Dr. Mark T. Esper Leads Presidential Delegation in Kuwait City
to Meet With His Highness Amir Nawaf Al-Ahmad al-Sabah
flagPolicy Chief Outlines Changes to U.S. Defense Postures
in Germany, European Theater
flagWomen in the Military Academies: 40 Years Later
flagFace of Defense: Recruiting the Next Generation
flagNew Policy Makes U.S. More Competitive Partner
flagNAVSUP Reminds Sailors of 2020 Holiday Peak Mailing
Season Deadlines
flagMarine F-35s deploy to UK carrier in a first among allies
flagCarrier-launched airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Iraq as
USS Nimitz patrols Persian Gulf
flagNavy’s newest destroyer is named for a former top enlisted man
and Pearl Harbor survivor
flagSailors Receive Joint Service Achievement Medal for COVID-19 Efforts
flagNavy is Considering Opening Tattoo Parlors on its Bases
flagTop Leaders Discuss Diversity, Inclusion With Military
Members, Families
flagU.S. Works With Allies, Partners to Minimize Civilian Casualties
flagOldest living Marine veteran celebrates her 107th birthday
flagMedal of Honor Spotlight: Marine Lance Cpl. Jedh Barker
flagDOD Seeks Industry Input Into Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
flag'Tipping Point' Is Here for Nuclear Modernization, Defense Official Says
flagMilitary Must Continue Progress to Deter Competitors
flagPartnerships, Allies Critical to Defense Department Artificial
flagDOD Educates Military Service Members and Civilian Employees
on the Social Security Payroll Tax Deferral
flagService Members with Expiring ID Cards Need to Make
Appointments Immediately
flagLab Shifts Gears to Fight COVID-19
flagDOD Official Outlines U.S. Nuclear Deterrence Strategy
flagSecretary of the Navy Safety Excellence Awards Announced
flagCBD Product Ban Expanded to Include Lotions, Topical Applications
flagMontford Point Marines honored on the 78th anniversary
flagCelebrating Navy women: Perseverance and achievements
flagMarine Corps to build innovative wargaming center
flagDOD announces winners of the 2020 Commander in Chief's
Annual Award for Installation Excellence
flagDOD can lead microelectronics manufacturing back to U.S.
flagNavy announces new Ombudsmen-at-Large
flagEstablishment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force
flagU.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship USS St. Louis joins the fleet
flagU.S. Navy and NOAA sign agreement to improve nation’s
Unmanned Maritime Systems Operations
flagNavy issues guidance for 2020 E-6, E-7, and E-8 evaluations
due to COVID-19
flagNavy cancels fall E-4 exams, plans rank order advancements
flagNavy breaks ground on new archival complex
flagForward deployed duty: Why you want it
flagTeamwork in the South China Sea: Nimitz, Ronald Reagan Carrier
Strike Groups continue exercises
flagNavy awards contact for Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicle prototype
flagNavy Plans to Put USS Theodore Roosevelt Sailors in Guam
Hotel Rooms
flagMarines Won’t Cut Planned F-35 Buy Totals for Now,
But External Review Could Change That
flagCaptain of USS Theodore Roosevelt requests nearly 4,000 Sailors
be isolated as coronavirus spreads
flagFuture USS Fort Lauderdale Amphibious Transport Dock Ship Launched
flagNavy Offering Delayed Retirements, Separations to Help
Maintain Readiness During Pandemic
flagArmy Corps of Engineers Creates Alternative Care Facilities
flagLaunch of Space Force Largely Unaffected by Coronavirus,
Top Space Officer Says
flagChina calls USS McCampbell Taiway Strait transit provocative
flagJoint Team Ensures Hypersonic Test Success
flagMarine Corps Officials Hold a Defense Department News
Briefing on COVID-19 Efforts
flagOverseas Stop Movement Order in Response to COVID-19
flagSpecial pay authorized for some service members isolated
in temporary lodging
flagPentagon orders local units to stop reporting coronavirus
infections amid security concerns
flagPartnering With the U.S. Defense Industrial Base to Combat COVID-19
flagDepartment of Defense Tests Hypersonic Glide Body
flagNavy Authorizes COs to Relax Some Grooming Standards if Necessary
flagNavy Cancels Spring 2020 Fitness Cycle, Delays Advancement Exams
flagDOD Official Says There's Progress on Privatized Housing
flagDOD’s Chief Management Officer Leads Servicewide Reviews
flagMyNavy Portal Introduces ZipServe
flagConstruction Begins on Bath Iron Works' First Flight III Arleigh
Burke-Class Destroyer
flag5G to Aid Warfighters, Thwart Adversaries
flagReadiness Up Across the Force, Chairman Says
flagF-35 Program Continues to Make Progress, DOD Official Says
flagNavy Accepts Delivery of Future USS Tripoli
flagSailors Could Use Lasers to Strip Paint Faster, More Safely,
Say Results From USS Carl Vinson
flagMedal of Honor Monday: Navy Vice Adm. James Stockdale
flagU.S., NATO Leaders Thank Troops for Afghanistan Service
flagMyCommissary Portal Open to New Patrons
flagU.S. Will Not Let China, Russia Deny Its Space Superiority,
DOD Officials Say
flagNavy launches program to protect Sailors from online exploitation
flagDOD Releases Military Spouse Licensure Report
flagMilitary Leaders Discuss Hypersonics, Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
flagExplorer With 'Titanic' Influence Hails Five-Decade Partnership
With Office of Naval Research
flagHere's the List of Military Clinics That Will No Longer Serve
Retirees, Families
flagBarred before, active-duty military can now file malpractice claims
flagNavy deploys pair of Tritons to Guam for unmanned
aerial vehicle’s Pacific debut
flagDOD Releases Report on Enhancing Security and
Stability in Afghanistan
flagEsper: More Comprehensive Vetting for Foreign Students on the Way
flagDOD Official Says 34 Service Members Injured by Iranian Blast
flagNew SEAC to Serve as Chairman's Eyes and Ears to Joint Force
flagNavy Will Name A Future Ford Class Aircraft Carrier After
WWII Hero Doris Miller
flagMilTax: Military OneSource Offers Free Tax Prep
flagU.S., French Military Leaders Discuss Terror Threat in West Africa
flagSpeed Must Be Put Back Into DOD, Hyten Says
flagDOJ Finds Pensacola Attack 'Act of Terrorism;' New Rules
for Foreign Military Students
flagOfficers See New Opportunities for Credentialing, Via Funding Pilot
flagThey've Got Your Back: A Sniper's Role Is Crucial
flagHyten: U.S. Service Members Are America's Great Power Edge
flagGoing for Gold for the Rosies
flagEsper: Information Indicated 'Broad Scale' Attack Within
'Matter of Days'
flagCongress overrules Pentagon plan to limit service members’
G.I. Bill benefits transfer to dependents
flag2nd Fleet Declares Full Operational Capability
flagDOD Launches Security Cooperation Certification Program
flagThe US military ran the largest stress test of its sealift fleet
in years. It’s in big trouble.
flagSenior DOD Official Describes Rationale for Attack
on Quds Force Commander
flagMedal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps Col. William E. Barber
flagU.S. forces reset in Syria, ISIS struggles to re-form
flagMilley says Middle Eastern nations want U.S. involved in region
flagTask force curbs technology theft to keep joint force strong
flagUncomfortable gazes: Why some sailors are unhappy with
the design of the new woodland cammies
flagNavy: Master-At-Arms killed by gate runner
flagHave you done your housing surveys?
flagUSS Benfold CMC presented top senior enlisted leadership award
flagFormer 4-star fleet commanders: Don’t give up on carriers
flagHave you done your housing surveys?
flagChairman Travels to Indo-Pacific With American Strategic Thinking
flagCompetition Grows Between U.S. Military and Chinese
flagKeel Authenticated for First Flight III Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
flagDefense Department Announces Cost of Living Increase to Retired Pay
flagNavy Christens Expeditionary Fast Transport Newport
flagNew study shows veteran benefit discrepancies between states
flagA WWII submarine went missing for 75 years: High-tech
undersea drones solved the mystery
flagDisappearing Phantom: Iconic jet nears end of service
flagAcademy Names Airfield in Honor of First Black Air Force General
flagNavy, Marines Moving Ahead with Unmanned Vessel Programs
flagNew Retail Services Specialist Rating Supports Sailor 2025
Rating Modernization
flagNavy's Warrior Care Program Changes Name
flagF-35 Program Facing Delays in Full-Rate Production, As DoD
Struggles to Integrate Into Simulators
flagMidway Movie Takes War in the Pacific Seriously
flagThe Need for a Cybersecurity Paradigm Shift
flagDOD Improves Construction Standards After Natural Disasters
flagU.S. Will Continue Defeat-ISIS Campaign, Official Says
flagDOD Statement on Artillery Incident Near Kobani
flagEsper Condemns Turkey's Syria Incursion, Says U.S. Stands
With Syrian Democratic Forces
flagWest Point to Host 2nd National Discussion on
Collegiate Sexual Assaults
flagHuan Nguyen First Vietnamese American Navy Rear Admiral
flagDOD Statement on Deployment of Additional U.S. Forces
and Equipment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
flagCommercial Partners Critical to DOD Success
flagNavy Announces FY-20 Senior Enlisted Continuation Board
flagNavy, Marine JAG investigations will face review panel
flagArmy fields anti-jam GPS, plans for thousands more by 2028
flagJoint Base MDL, US Fish & Wildlife Service partner
to protect conservation areas
flagUSS McCampbell Kicks Off Malabar Exercise in Japan
flagBlue Angels Seek Motivated Applicants for 2020
Super Hornet Transition Team
flagSpacecom Built for Today's Strategic Environment
flagMarine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford: A Chairman’s Parting Legacy
flagEsper Discusses Readiness Issues, Suicides
flagOutreach Key in Addressing Domestic Violence
flagEsper Describes DOD's Increased Cyber Offensive Strategy
flagNavy Lays Keel of Future USS Savannah (LCS 28)
flagNavy Tests Experimental Technology at Trident Warrior 2019
flagNavy, Marine Corps Achieve First in Arctic Exercise
flagDOD Spokesman Provides Border Wall Update
flagSchultz: Coast Guard Expanding Western Pacific Operations
flagSmugglers offer cash to Marines, sailors to work for them as drivers
flagNAVY COOL Offers Expanded Credentialing Opportunities
flagPPV Housing "Out of Cycle" Survey Results Show Navy is Focusing
on Correct Areas
flagFaces of Freedom: From the Naval Academy To a New Sense of Family
flagVice president participates in Coast Guard $569 million
cocaine offload in San Diego
flagTrump to Nominate Vice Adm. Mike Gilday to Lead Navy
flagShips Converge for Talisman Sabre '19
flagSafety in Exercise: Physical Readiness Program Updates Policy
flagA Sailor dead in Bahrain and the ‘slap on the wrist’
for the Saudi who killed him
flagAdm. Bill Moran out as Navy’s next CNO
flagMore Ways to Complete Professional Military
Knowledge Eligibility Exam
flagNavy to Christen Littoral Combat Ship Oakland
flagU.S. warship shadowing high-end Russian frigate near Cuba
flag2 U.S. Soldiers killed in fierce firefight in Afghanistan
flagMarine Corps at the forefront for ground-based lasers
flagAll Navy Carriers, Amphibs to Get F-35 Precision Landing System
flagPolice: 4 massage businesses with ‘US Navy nexus’ raided
flagMarine Hawaii air station commander sacked
following investigation into liberty incident
flagPresident awards Medal of Honor to first living Iraq War recipient
flagBALTOPS 2019 Begins In Germany
flagBerger Confirmed as 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps
flagAtomic Veterans’ Can Apply For Defense Secretary’s Honor Certificate
flagVice Chief of Naval Operations Changes Office
flagNaval War College President Reassigned
flagBALTOPS 2019 Begins In Germany
flag7th Fleet Statement on Unsafe Maneuver by Russian Destroyer
flagNavy Announces Universal Training Precautions for Physical Exercise
flagNavy Implements Change to Education Program Announcements
flagDunford Accepts Eisenhower Award, Calls for Industry,
DOD Cooperation
flagSuccess of First SFAB in Afghanistan Proves
‘Army Got it Right,’Commander Says
flagReflecting on our ancestors: Asian American,
Pacific Islander Heritage Month
flagArmy GLOs enable joint combat power, battlefield safety
flagArmy demonstrates extended ranges for precision munitions
flagNavy Housing 2-Step Process Addresses Residents' Issues
flagArtificial Intelligence Could Aid Future Background Investigators
flagFirst National Discussion on Sexual Assault and
Sexual Harassment Wraps Up with Key Messages
flagSecurity Incident at NAS Oceana; Base Lockdown Released-
Officials: ‘Domestic’ shooting wounds woman, base security
kills sailor gunman
flagNavy Wounded Warrior-Safe Harbor Announces 2019 Team Navy
flagNavy Surgeon General Pledges his Commitment to Readiness
flagNAVSEA SIOP Office Leads $21 Billion Naval Shipyard Modernization
flagHealth Care Transition Looks to Improve Processes
for Wartime Missions, Beneficiaries
flagProbe: MCPON Giordano ‘failed to exhibit exemplary conduct’
flagCNO Hosts Admiral Sim, Seung-Seob, Chief of Naval
Operations, Republic of Korea Navy
flagDOD Official: Maintaining Space Dominance ‘Pivotal’ for U.S.
flagMake the Commitment to End Sexual Assault
flagThomas Passes Special Operations Command Reins to Clarke
flagNation Honors Vietnam Veterans in Annual Observance
flagNavy Uniform Policy Update Announced
flagHometown Post Office Dedicated to USS Fitzgerald Sailor
flagNavy Awards Contract for Multi-Year Procurement of F/A-18 E/F
Super Hornet Strike Fighter
flagDunford Presents Legion of Merit to Japanese Counterpart
flagSECNAV Names Destroyer in Honor of US Navy, Korean War Veteran
flagCNIC Works to Build More Ready, Resilient Navy Families
flagNavy Vietnam POW Visits Sailors at CSFE Port Hueneme
Learning Sites
flagNavy Installations Command celebrates the 104th
year of the Navy Reserve
flag3 Things to Know About Navy College Program App Updates
flagNavy Releases New Strategic Plan for Religious Ministry,
Shifting paradigm in Religious Ministry Operational Support
flagSecretary of the Navy Names Independence
Variant Littoral Combat Ship After Capital of Maine
flagNavy Awards Contract for Construction of Two Carriers
flagOfficial Explains Federal Tax Changes for Military, Spouses
flagNew Strategy Encourages Innovation, Better Intel Sharing
flagDOD Moves Closer to Implementing Changes to Transgender Policy
flagTrump Pledges to Protect America From Any Enemy Missile
flagNavy Civilians Awarded First Service Commendation Medals
flagCNO Visits the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group at Sea
flagUnveiled: Lone Sailor Statue Stands Watch in Guam
flagTruman Strike Group Returns Home from Eight-Month Deployment
flagCareer: Sailors Respond to Performance Evaluation Tool Test
flagArtificial Intelligence Can Free Imagery Analysts to Focus
More on the Unknown
flagNavy releases new details on retired admiral and former
Trump nominee’s ‘Fat Leonard’ censure
flagDon’t expect the Corps' new Chinese J-20 stealth fighter
to be dogfighting with Marine jets
flagVice Admiral James Malloy Assumes Duties as U.S. Naval
Forces Central Command/U.S. 5th Fleet Commander
flagUSS John C. Stennis Leverages Logistics Hub in Sri Lanka
flagNew Performance Evaluation Tool Tested by Fleet Sailors
flagBlue Angels Release 2019 Air Show Schedule Changes,
2020 Air Show Schedule
flagPresident Intends to Nominate Milley to Succeed Dunford as Chairman
flagThanks to the Navy, scientists discovered the infamous
‘humongous fungus’
flagNellis puts security forces who allowed gate breach on desk duty
flagNavy Joins the Nation in Mourning Loss of Former President,
Sailor, George H.W. Bush
flagNavy’s top 5th Fleet commander found dead in his home
flagBush's Legacy Includes Decisive Military Action
flagU.S. Navy Statement on Death of Vice Adm. Scott A. Stearney
flagUSS Detroit Begins Operational Testing of LCS
Surface-to-Surface Missile Module
flagDefense Strategy Arresting Erosion of U.S. Military Advantage
flagState Department Advisor: Iran’s Military Tentacles Expanding
in Region
flagMarines Turn to Artificial Intelligence to Better Deploy Troops
flagU.S. Navy Aircraft Crashes in Philippine Sea
flagAn 8 Year-Old's Return to Comfort
flagNavy Credentials Program Wins "When Work Works Award"
flagStrengthening Pacific contacts, alliances
flagDon’t Stand in Line: TSA Precheck Open to Military, DOD Civilians
flagGreat First Month for MNCC Contact Center
flagDept of Navy Releases Business Operations Plan to Further Reforms
flagDunford: Thoughts on U.S. Military’s Competitive Advantage
flagNavy fires commanding officer of Training Support Center Great Lakes
flagNavy Celebrates American Indian and
Alaska Native Heritage, Contributions
flagU.S. EP-3 Intercepted in the Black Sea
flag31st MEU supports civil authorities with joint-service task force
in response to Super Typhoon Yutu
flagSecurity Meeting Examines Wartime Control of Forces in South Korea
flag1st Female Marine to complete MARSOC's 2nd Phase leaving Corps
flagWomen's Health: Taking time for yourself
flagNAS Pensacola designated as the new remote Safe Haven
flagStoltenberg, Scaparrotti Talk Deterrence Aboard Aircraft
Carrier USS Truman
flagBells of Peace and the End of the War to End All Wars
flagPentagon probe chides Navy’s top officer for his handling
of ‘Bad Santa’ scandal
flagSome Air Force, Navy F-35s resume flying after grounding
flagU.S.-Japan Advance New Amphibious Capability
flagNATO’s Trident Juncture Exercise Tests Deterrence Capabilities
flagU.S. Could Help Pacific Allies Build Capabilities,
Navy Undersecretary Says
flagHer last goodbye
flagInnovators share ideas to modernize Army in hopes
to land future contract
flagNew Naval Aviator Career Path Announced
flagUCT 2 Renders Assistance Following Plane Crash in Chuuk
flagSailors Encouraged to Participate in 2018 Workplace
and Gender Relations Survey
flagChiefs Reaffirm Commitment to NATO Missions, Look to Future Needs
flagCommander Wants Coalition Forces in Afghanistan to Know
Why They Fight
flagSecretary Mabus names two destroyers for Medal of Honor recipients
flagNavy conducts first live fire NIFC-CA test with F-35
flag5 things you need to know about sea shore flow
flagUSS Houston decommissions after 33 years of service
flagFirst fleet F35-C carrier qual, final tests conducted at sea
flagMarine Corps to deliver capability trifecta to tank commanders
flagDoD studies ‘terminator’ weapons conundrum, Selva says
flagNavy announces adjustments to time-in-grade waiver policy
flagNavy women to get more stylish uniform slacks
flagNavy announces elimination of NWU Type I
flagAutonomous bug-hunting bots will lead to improved cybersecurity
flagMontford Point Marines honored with memorial
flagSecretary Mabus names destroyer for Medal of Honor recipient
flagVeteran homelessness drops nearly 50 percent since 2010
flagActive-duty must remain apolitical, nonpartisan, Dunford says
flagNAVAIR marks first flight with 3-D printed, safety-critical parts
flagNavy releases new online legal assistance resources
flag22nd iteration of CARAT Singapore holds closing ceremony
flagNavy Medicine wants Sailors, Marines to be a partner in their health
flagNavigating C-Way: A Sailor's guide
flagThe mirage of a transparent ocean
flagNavy tests latest Aegis interoperability with Spanish Navy
flagCarrier Strike Group 8 changes command

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