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Gi Film Festival San Diego 2018
GI Film Festival: Catch a film, be inspired

The fourth annual GI Film Festival San Diego is Tuesday, Sept. 25 through Sunday, Sept. 30 at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park (from Sept. 25-28) and UltraStar Cinemas at Hazard Center (from Sept. 29-30).
Established in 2015, the GI Film Festival San Diego aims to reveal the struggles, triumphs, and experiences of service members and veterans through compelling and authentic storytelling.
Documentaries, shorts, narratives, and family-friendly films are presented, highlighting stories of heroism, resilience, and honor.
The festival also includes a Local Film Showcase, which features San Diego’s filmmakers, events, people, or places.
The 2018 film festival features 34 films that are either for, by or about our service members and veterans, telling the untold and underrepresented stories of our country’s military history.
The six-day San Diego military film festival includes nine world premieres and five West Coast premieres.
Panel discussions with filmmakers, actors, and documentary subjects are also part of the GI Film Festival San Diego.
More information on the GI Film Festival San Diego’s full festival week lineup can be found at
All of the events will be open to the public with discounted opportunities for active duty personnel and veterans.
Founders of the GI Film Festival announced in May 2018 that San Diego will be the home of the national film festival for 2018. The shift to the West Coast is a natural one for the GI Film Festival, which launched in Washington, DC in 2007.
September 25, 2018
7pm: Opening Night Screening & Reception
September 26, 2018
5pm: Film Block: Perspectives from WWII and the Korean War
7:15pm: Thud Pilots with The Flashback
September 27, 2018
4:30pm Film Block: Honoring WWI
7:30pm: I Am That Man
September 28, 2018
4pm Film Block: Stories from the Seas
6pm: From Baghdad to the Bay
8:15pm: Selected Shorts and Local Films
September 29, 2018
10am: Kilimanjaro Warriors: A Monumental Goal for Recovery
1pm Film Block: Life After Service
3:30pm: Surviving Home
7pm: Awards Celebration
September 30, 2018
12pm Film Block: Fight for Equality
1:30pm: Sgt. Stubby - An American Hero
3pm: Trauma
6pm: When the Smoke Clears
‘All Access Pass’-$120; Individual events $10-$40. Visit

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